Sonic Riders DX is a mod for the GameCube version of the original "Sonic Riders" that is geared towards making the game the best it can be! This means massive overhauls to the game by adding mechanics, balancing stages and type shortcuts, revamping gear designs, and new characters and super forms!

However, the mod still keeps true the game's original gameplay. While new gear designs breathe new life into the gameplay, the fundamental mechanics of the game stay the same. Players will need to master Air management, tricks, drift dashes, and boosting, just like the original game.

Developed by Extreme Gear Labs, who were also the original team behind "Sonic Riders Tournament Edition".

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New Characters

New Super Forms

New Features and Fixes

Stage Updates

Gear Updates

"Sonic Riders Tournament Edition?" What's that?

"Sonic Riders Tournament Edition" (SRTE) was another competitive mod that was developed by the Extreme Gear Labs team and the predecessor to "Sonic Riders DX".

Up until December 2020, the development team for SRDX had worked on SRTE. The loose structure of development from starting as a fan project by a group of friends facilitated constant harassment and abuse from SRTE's self-proclaimed "director". After years of this, the dev team unanimously decided to continue our work elsewhere. We changed the name to disassociate from that individual, who uses the mod to build himself a brand based on taking credit for and making money off of our work, as well as other wrongdoing.

Every patch of "Sonic Riders Tournament Edition" up to and including "Sonic Riders Tournament Edition v1.3" was developed by Extreme Gear Labs, with "Sonic Riders DX v1.0" being the next update. The latest version of Sonic Riders DX is 2.1, which you can download now!

Background by Niko. Renders by firegodjr.

At the bottom of Downloads, you can find Legacy Downloads, which has old versions of our mods and games, including "Sonic Riders Tournament Edition" and "Sonic Riders Netplay Mod" by Extreme Gear Labs.