Sonic Riders Regravitified is a mod for the Wii Version of "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity". With massive overhauls to the original game's sluggish mechanics and the return of old mechanics from the original "Sonic Riders", Regravitified aims to bring a rebirth to this forgotten sequel!

While Zero Gravity brought forth Gravity Dive and Gravity Control, Regravitified enhances the racing experiences with the return of Boosting, Drifting, and Tornadoes (known as Gravity Void in Regravitified). With the the addition of old mechanics and refinements to the new Gravity mechanics, races become more varied, competitive, and exciting. The action is nonstop!

Sonic Riders Regravitified is a work-in-progress mod by Extreme Gear Labs.

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Updated Controls

Sonic Riders Regravitified can only be played using a GameCube controller, or a controller emulating a GameCube controller (such as an Xbox or PlayStation controller hooked up to your emulator). This is because the return of old mechanics such as Drifting, Boosting, and Tornadoes requires additional buttons that only the GameCube controller has. Below we have examples for GameCube and Xbox controllers.

Patch Notes

Read the patch notes to know the latest updates to the game!